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NCAA Basketball | Oklahoma Sooners Jump To No. 3 In The Rankings

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners moved up to the No. 3 spot in both polls after a convincing win over the Villanova Wildcats last week. While the Big 10 continues to hold on to the top spot, the Big XII lurks just behind with two undefeated programs. Waiting in the wings, Oklahoma could continue to move up with an early conference match up against Iowa State. However, they'll require a slip from the Michigan State Spartans to help boost them to the top ranked team.

AP Coaches
1 Michigan State (64) Michigan State (28)
2 Kansas (1) Iowa State (3)
3 Oklahoma Oklahoma (1)
4 Kentucky Kentucky
5 Iowa State Kansas
6 Maryland Duke
7 Duke Maryland
8 Virginia Purdue
9 Purdue Virginia
10 Xavier Xavier
11 North Carolina North Carolina
12 Villanova Arizona
13 Arizona Villanova
14 Providence Baylor (T-14)
15 Miami Providence (T-14)
16 Baylor Louisville (T-16)
17 Butler West Virginia (T-16)
18 SMU Butler
19 Louisville Miami
20 West Virginia Cincinnati
21 George Washington Gonzaga
22 UCLA George Washington
23 Cincinnati Vanderbilt
24 Texas A&M Texas A&M
25 Connecticut South Carolina

Not as strong as the conference has been in past years, the Big XII continues to find five schools inside the top twenty-five. Should the Texas Longhorns have been included this week with a win over North Carolina? Possibly. Regardless, it appears as though it's a three man race for the conference crown. We'll know a lot about each program by the time conference play begins.