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Trevor Knight Granted Full Release From OU: Is He Set to Transfer?

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Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

With recruiting taking center stage and bowl preparation not quite ramped up to full speed yet, huge news just hit to today that Trevor Knight has been granted a full release* by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma to transfer to the school of his choice. tweeted out the new with the following tweet.

While this might not be quite the surprise considering Trevor Knight's recent twitter followers it will be interesting to see where he winds up. Based on twitter it would appear that KSU, Oregon, SMU, and Georgia are the school he has been in contact with.

Should he transfer, this would open up another scholarship for the class of 2016. Wherever Trevor ends up, we want to wish him the best of luck as he has been an incredible teammate and representative of the University of Oklahoma. Also he beat the snot out of Alabama (which I think we can officially mention again).

*A full release would allow Trevor Knight to transfer to any school of his choosing. Just interesting to note considering the Baker Mayfield/TTech situation. #FreeBaker