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Oklahoma Sooners Move Up In Polls After Dominating Three Consecutive Weeks Of Football

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While the other polls may continue to hold an indirect influence on the poll that matters the most -- the College Football Playoff Rankings -- they're still an indicator of where a team should end up. On Saturday, a few top ranked teams suffered losses leading to a shake up in the top five.

AP Coaches S&P+ Massey
1 Clemson (31) Ohio State (34) Clemson Clemson
2 Ohio State (26) Clemson (21) Alabama Alabama
3 Alabama (2) Baylor (5) Michigan Ohio State
4 Baylor (2) Alabama (3) Ohio State Notre Dame
5 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma LSU
6 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Stanford
7 Stanford Stanford Baylor Baylor
8 Iowa Iowa LSU Oklahoma State
9 LSU LSU Florida Oklahoma
10 Utah Florida USC Iowa
11 Florida Oklahoma Florida State Florida
12 Oklahoma TCU Ole Miss TCU
13 TCU Utah TCU Utah
14 Michigan State Michigan State Stanford Michigan
15 Michigan Michigan West Virginia Michigan State
16 Houston Houston Oklahoma State USC
17 North Carolina North Carolina Navy North Carolina
18 UCLA Florida State (T-18) NC State Navy
19 Florida State UCLA (T-18) UCLA Mississippi State
20 Mississippi State Mississippi State Iowa Houston
21 Temple Temple Washington Ole Miss
22 Navy Wisconsin Mississippi State Florida State
23 Wisconsin Navy Western Kentucky Wisconsin
24 Northwestern Northwestern Utah UCLA
25 Memphis Memphis Bowling Green Memphis

The Oklahoma State Cowboys took down the TCU Horned Frogs leading to a leap into the top five ranking in both the AP and Coaches Poll. Joining the folks from Stillwater, the Alabama Crimson Tide shut down Leonard Fournette earning a spot in the top three of the AP.

There's still plenty of football let to be had during the month of November. Moving up to No. 12 in the nation, the Oklahoma Sooners still face the Cowboys along with the Baylor Bears and TCU. It certainly looks like running the gauntlet could toss the Sooners into the playoff conversation.