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Multiple Recruits in Town for Iowa State

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

While there won't be a gigantic number of recruits in town this weekend as the Sooners take on the Cyclones, there are several interesting story lines to follow as several very talented players will be in Norman. Here is the list that we know for the weekend, as well a brief summary of where the Sooners stand with each prospect.


3* S/OLB Clifford Chattman 6-4/185 (LSU Commit) from New Orleans, LA.

3* JUCO WR Derrick Willies 6-4/210 (TTech Commit) from Athens, TX.

3* OL Tramonda Moore 6-5/330 from Oklahoma City, OK


4* S Robert Barnes 6-3/190 from Southlake, TX (OU Commit)

4* QB Chris Robison 6-1/185 from Mesquite, TX (OU Commit)

Chattman - This weekend is interesting on multiple fronts. Chattman had seemingly set up a visit for the Texas Tech game, but that never materialized. He is now locked in for this weekend, and you've got to wonder if he switches from the Tigers to the Sooners on the visit. I think this could be a situation where Chattman is being nudged in a different direction by LSU which would allow the Sooners to be the benefactor. Chattman is an intriguing prospect as he needs to gain at least 30-40 pounds or so to be effective as an outside linebacker. He is however an incredible athlete. Another interesting story line is Chattman being teammates with Sooners linebacker offer Sci Martin (6-4/220) and DL offer Stephon Taylor (6-5/300). PREDICTION - Chattman verbally commits to the Sooners on his visit this weekend.

Willies - Junior College wide receiver Derrick Willies just recently picked up an offer and is already visiting. This has to spell trouble for TTech and could pay dividends for the Sooners this weekend. PREDICTION - Willies commits to the Sooners on his visit this weekend.

Moore - While this visit is most likely an unofficial, the timing is pretty telling. Moore who is by all accounts down to OU/OSU is visiting Norman this weekend to watch the Cyclones when a much a bigger game nationally is taking place in Stillwater (TCU/OSU). I think this is a huge sign that the Sooners are in the driver's seat for the talented in state prospect. He had every chance to be in Stillwater this weekend to watch a much bigger game, yet chose to come to Norman.

Barnes - Barnes is locked in to the Sooners, but it will be interesting to watch and see if Obi Eboh (Barnes' teammate) comes with him. Eboh has long held a Sooner offer, but the talented defensive back is currently committed to the Horns.

Robinson - He comes to basically every home game.