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Who Will Oklahoma Face in The College Football Playoff?

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Every single news outlet seems to agree that the Sooners are going to be in the College Football Playoff. After a 58-23 win in the "Big 12 Championship" against in-state rival Oklahoma State, it would be hard to argue against it. No matter what happens this weekend, the Sooners will be one of the four College Football Playoff teams. But who are the other three teams? Depending on what happens this weekend, it could be Clemson, Alabama, and Iowa but if things get weird then it could be North Carolina and Stanford who are getting into the playoff. But for right now it seems likely that Alabama and Clemson will win their games. Making the winner of the Big 10 championship the play-in game for who gets to be third or fourth seed.

For Oklahoma, they're best case scenario would be if Alabama loses this weekend and the Sooners shoot up to number two. They would then likely play in Dallas, making it an easy three-hour trip for the Sooners. Oklahoma would have to play against either Iowa or Michigan State. That would give the Sooners an easier first round match up than having to face the Crimson Tide and set up a Clemson-OU national championship game in Arizona. But if the top teams win this weekend, it will be the same playoff match up everyone is expecting. It would require a major upset for the playoff to look like anything aside from the one below :

Big 10 Winner/Clemson - Orange Bowl

Alabama/Oklahoma - Cotton Bowl

CFB Playoff Championship - Phoenix, Arizona

Unless of course the committee places the Big 10 winner ahead of Oklahoma, considering that team would be 13-0 or 12-1. One team would have to dominate the other for that to happen, but neither team has really dominated much in the past couple of weeks anyway. Also the committee owes the Big 12 conference after last season, so the Sooners should be comfortable with the number three slot. Bob Stoops said after the game that it only made sense to stay the same spot or move up after a win like they had Saturday and he has a great point.

I don't think there's a chance in the world Alabama loses to that awful Florida team and their terrible offense. So unless Clemson decides to start "Clemsoning" this late in the year, you can expect a 2014 Sugar Bowl rematch in Jerry World on December 31st. That would be an exciting match up between the best one-loss teams in the country and arguably the best teams in the country with the way they've been playing right now. Nick Saban is also the best coach in the country when it comes to rematches, so I wouldn't exactly call that an ideal match up. But then again it's not like any team wants to face the Sooners right now either.

If the Sooners fall to the fourth seed and get jumped by the Big 10 champion, then they will face Clemson in the Orange Bowl (given that Clemson beats UNC). That would be a rematch of last year's Russell Athletic Bowl that ended in a 40-6 blowout loss for Bob Stoops and the Sooners. Both teams are very different this year and have improved from last season. Those teams records heading into that bowl game were a combined 17-7, but if they met in the semifinals this year then their records would be 24-1. Something tells me this game would be a lot closer than their last meeting.

The Sooners aren't going to get an easy first round match up no matter what happens this weekend, but neither will their opponent. If Oklahoma can keep playing the way they did against Oklahoma State, then I would take them on a neutral field against any team in the country. But Alabama and Clemson probably have something to say about that. No matter who they face in the playoff, it should be a fun game to watch.