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Sooners Are 15th In First CFB Playoff Ranking

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The first edition of the CFB Playoff rankings have came out and if you like Big 12 football you're not going to be too pleased. Oklahoma was 15th in the first college football playoff ranking, right behind in-state rival Oklahoma State. The Big 12 as a conference was left out of the top four with Baylor coming in at sixth and TCU at eighth. It's just the first rankings though, so there's no need to riot just yet. Baylor, TCU, OSU, and OU all will play each other this month, so as long as one of those teams win out they should have a really good shot at the playoff.

Here's the rankings from 1-25 :

Rk. Team Rec.
1 Clemson 8-0
2 LSU 7-0
3 Ohio State 8-0
4 Alabama 7-1
5 Notre Dame 7-1
6 Baylor 7-0
7 Michigan St. 8-0
8 TCU 8-0
9 Iowa 8-0
10 Florida 7-1
11 Stanford 7-1
12 Utah 7-1
13 Memphis 8-0
14 Oklahoma St. 8-0
15 Oklahoma 7-1
16 Florida St. 7-1
17 Michigan 6-2
18 Ole Miss 7-2
19 Texas A&M 6-2
20 Mississippi St. 6-2
21 Northwestern 6-2
22 Temple 7-1
23 UCLA 6-2
24 Toledo 7-0
25 Houston 8-0

The Sooners have five one-loss teams ahead of them in the polls. But with remaining games against the sixth, eighth, and 14th team in the country they certainly have a good path to cracking the top four if they win out. Baker Mayfield and the offense have put up big numbers since their loss to Texas and their defense has been stifling all season. In terms of balance, they've been as good as anyone in the country the past three weeks.

Oklahoma has a tough road ahead involving three undefeated teams with two of them on the road. But when you're ranked 15th in the country you shouldn't want it any other way. For the Sooners and their fellow Big 12 heavyweights, the playoff starts this month.