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Sooners Sitting Pretty for 2016 OT E.J. Price?

EJ Price
EJ Price
Student Sports

Lost in all the amazingness that was last night, top 2016 OT E.J Price 6-6/315 tweeted out his top 5 with the following tweet.

The reality is that this is probably a 2 or 3 team race between Auburn, Georgia, and Oklahoma. However after the news of Mark Richt being fired was let loose on the college football world, Price almost immediately tweeted this out.

Price was unable to make it in for a visit when the Sooners beat TCU, but he has definitely still made plans to visit the Sooners before he makes his decision. Should the Sooners be able to get him in for a visit (which I believe they almost assuredly will do so), I believe the Sooners will not only be in the driver's seat, but will eventually land him.