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2016 Running Back Abdul Adams Commits to OU

Abdul Adams
Abdul Adams
Student Sports

It's not everyday that you land a player that has offers from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Notre Dame (just to name a few), but the Sooners have done just that in class of 2016 running back Abdul Adams 6-0/205 from Durham, North Carolina. Adams tweeted out his commitment with the following tweet:

Adams at one time was a Michigan State commitment, but de-committed before visiting the Sooners last weekend for the TCU game. He skill set fits the Sooners offense perfectly as he can easily carry 210-215 lbs. on his frame which will allow him to run between the tackles, but still be a really dangerous threat to catch the ball out of the backfield.

Here is a short clip of Adams in action. Be prepared, because his highlights are incredible.