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2015 Bedlam | 3 Defensive Expectations for the Sooners

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This is a game where the Cowboys we have seen this season might not be the Cowboys we see on Saturday. The Cowboys starting quarterback Mason Rudolph is clearly not 100% and thus we don't know what he will be able to give the Cowboys. That being said the Sooners, here are 3 defensive expectations for the Sooners.

Stop J.W. Walsh

He is seemingly the X-factor for the Cowboys on Saturday. Whether is be running the football or with deceptive passes, Walsh has been a load this season. With Rudolph's health in question, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Cowboys use Walsh even more. He gives the offense a strange and hard to stop dynamic.

Don't Get Beat Deep

A lot of this will be determined by the weather and also pre-snap alignment. The Cowboys have a plethora of receivers who can hurt a team deep (I think they just scored against TCU again). Jordan Thomas, Zack Sanchez, and company will have their hands full on Saturday and must come up with another huge performance.

Rush the Passer

The Sooners defensive line should be in all out attack mode against Rudolph. They can't allow him to be comfortable and set back in the pocket. Senior Charles Tapper will once again need to come up huge for the Sooners on Saturday.