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Friday Locks | Disagreement On Baylor/TCU

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Season Results

Name Last Week Overall
Caymen 2-1 23-14
Joey 1-2 19-17
SaintSooner 3-0 18-11-1
Donnie 3-0 17-17-1
Matt 1-2 17-19
Rich 1-2 14-21-1

This Week's Picks


Baylor over TCU 41-38. I think this will once again come down to the wire. Somehow the Bears make the few additional plays necessary to secure a win in Ft. Worth. 

FSU over Florida 27-21. Neither team is that great, but FSU has the ability to make a few bigger plays and emerge victorious. 

LSU over A&M 31-17. LSU is a bad football team, but the good news is that A&M is worse.


Stanford - like Osu last week, all the close games finally catch up to the Irish. Stanford by double digits

Bama - Alabama has looked like one of the two best teams in the country for a while now. 2 scores should be easy to cover

Oklahoma - Might as well.


Writing quick to try to make the deadline!  Everyone assume I said something clever or witty, 'kay?

TCU takes Baylor.  Bears are the less-banged-up of the two, but I'm betting my Boykin's back, and you're gonna be in trouble, hey-la, hey-la, my Boykin's back.

Iowa's only given 1.5 over Nebraska? I think the Hawkeyes are at least that much better.

I'll to ahead and grab the Gators to beat the Seminoles.  Last week was embarassing; this week, no excuses.


Stanford (-3.5) vs Notre Dame - Progressively, the Fighting Irish have gotten worse as the season has worn on. They'll have a tall task in front of them if they hope to beat the Cardinal on the road. I don't see it happening.

Navy (-1) at Houston - With one of the toughest offenses to defend these days, Navy has hit a stride. I expect them to win handedly in this contest by controlling the clock.

Bama (-14) at Auburn - After the shootout of last season, I think the Crimson Tide looks to put Auburn away early. Derrick Henry runs to the Heisman and Bama extends their streak to two over the Tigers.


Iowa - I'm not sure Nebraska can pull of two major upsets in a year, but that win over Michigan State looks very impressive. 

Alabama - Auburn struggled a lot more than everyone thought they would this year, and Alabama's defense has bounced back in a big way since Ole Miss. Blowout. 

Navy - Navy is a pretty dang good football team. They're passing game is non-existent, but they won't need one to beat Houston.


Baylor (-1.5) at TCU - I think Baylor's rushing attack is going to be an major advantage in this game. The Frogs just won't have enough defense in this one.

Clemson (-17) at South Carolina - There's so much on the line for the Tigers that I don't see how they can't be focused. This game should be a blowout!

Wisconsin (-2.5) at Minnesota - Not a big fan of either of these teams but I'm pretty certain that the Badgers are at least a field goal better.