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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread | Family, Food, & Football

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

First andr foremost, from the entire CCM writing staff, we want to thank you for reading and making out site what it is. When I started Crimson And Cream Machine in 2006 I never thought that it would grow to what it is today. We realize that you are the most important factor in our success, and we are truly grateful.


If you don't have the opportunity to be with your family today then do yourself a favor and call them. The older that I get the more valuable I realize that my family is and how much they should be cherished. Don't take it for granted, let them know that you love and appreciate them.


Of course, while you're spending time with your family you might as well enjoy the great culinary traditions of the holiday. Here's a few of quick questions for you.

1) How do you prefer your turkey? I'm a smoked turkey guy myself.

2) Favorite Thanksgiving dinner side dish? Love me some cheese and broccoli.

3) Least favorite side dish. Can't stand sweet potatoes.

4) Favorite dessert. I don't think you can beat pumpkin pie and cool whip.


Seriously! A day off to watch both NFL and college football, while pretty much eating a feast for kings. There's a lot of football today and the best part is that it's the first of four consecutive days of our favorite sport.

Thanksgiving Day NFL Schedule

11:30 - Eagles at Lions (FOX)

3:30 - Panthers at Cowboys (CBS)

7:30 - Bears at Packers (NBC)

College Football Schedule

6:30 - South Florida at UCF (ESPN)

6:30 - Texas Tech at Texas (FS1)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!