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Right. So. Here we are. Boomer?

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  • Happy Wednesday, Sooners fans!  Sorry.  My once-a-week little article has been kinda overloaded these last couple weeks.  Can you blame me for having a lot to write about this November?
  • One last thing I forgot to mention in my TCU post from the other day.  After Samaje Perine’s long touchdown run, I announced to my watch party: "And just look at him!  He’s got more tape on his ankle than… some metaphor involving lots of tape!"  There are reasons I’m not a professional sports announcer, folks.
  • Right.  So.  Here we are.  ESPN’s flagship "College Gameday" will feature Oklahoma for the second time in three weeks.  I write as a graduate of OU’s School of Drama, and the Bristol Boys certainly have enjoyed the drama OU has put into the fold this season, visiting them both times during away games that capture the national imagination.  Boomer.
  • Right.  So.  Here we are.  The College Playoff Committee has us ranked number three.  And this is our last regular season game.  This is our last chance to say what we have to say.  Boomer.
  • Just gonna leave this here: OU fans welcoming an OSU family affected by their homecoming tragedy to a game at Owen Field.  I’m okay with having a rivalry with the Oklahoma State football program: to the community of Stillwater, to those affected by tragedy, and to the university of the people who support you?  God bless.
  • Video
  • (One of these days, Hofeld or DeCray are going to have to teach me how to embed these things better.  But click the above, it's worth it.)
  • Right.  So.  Here we are.  As important as that video is, I need to get back to the important business about how badly I want my football team to beat the crap out of OSU’s football team this weekend.  I’m on record as being #StillwaterStrong, but there’s football to play.  Boomer.
  • Here’s me breaking my word about not wanting to talk about the playoffs, but you’ve got to give the people what they want:  OU is playing #11 OSU.  Notre Dame is playing #9 Stanford.  If the Domers blow out the Cardinal, and we win small, I think we’re out.  You talk about style points mattering?  Now it does.
  • Let’s talk about Emmanuel Ogbah.  You know, all-everything OSU defensive lineman.  He might spend a fair bit of time matched up against Orlando Brown, Jr.  (You think there might be some double-teams?)  You wanna talk about games being won on the line?  Our offense is facing a DL that makes people make mistakes.  OSU's a takeaway squad, and turnovers?  Let's have more than they do.
  • Right.  So.  I had the ignominious task of writing up our game from last year, which OSU won because our Hall-Of-Fame coach screwed up. Here’s a reminder. Read the comments, though.  After the game, many were calling for Stoops’ job, and some even calling for him to be replaced by Art Briles or Gary Patterson.  We’re now 10-1 and #3 in the CFP rankings.  We beat Briles, we beat Patterson.  Anyone want to issue a retraction?  There’s a comments section below.  Boomer.
  • Oklahoma State in 2015 is not the school of Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders -- in some ways, it may be better.  But not in the rushing game.  The Cowboys got all of eight yards rushing versus Baylor.  Eight.  The number 8.  A Sesame Street number.  You think that OL doesn’t have a chip on its shoulder?  (FYI: 433 passing yards.)
  • Right.  So.  Here we are.  The weather is supposed to be gosh-awful in Stillwater on Saturday.  Weather is often a great equalizer and a great chaos mechanism.  Don’t like it?  Watch basketball.  Boomer.
  • All right, I’ve broken, I’ve talked about playoff implications.  Sue me for all I’m worth, enjoy paying your lawyer.
  • Right.  So.  Here we are.  The Oklahoma Sooners need to beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys to win the Big XII Conference and have a shot at the playoffs.  Are you ready?  BOOMER!
  • Peace and love, Sooners fans!  And Cowboys fans and Horned Frogs fans and Bears fans and Longhorns fans and everybody else.  Saint Sooner wishes everyone who reads this the happiest of Thanksgivings.  Whether you're with friends and family or far, far away, peace and love, peace and love, peace and love.