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Bowl Projections & Rankings | Oklahoma Sooners No. 3 In Latest College Football Playoff Release

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With two undefeated teams (Ohio State and Oklahoma State...coincidentally two OSUs) falling over the past weekend, the Oklahoma Sooners jumped into the playoff picture with the committee touting them as the No. 3 team in the land. The Iowa Hawkeyes also join the party after earning a guaranteed trip to the Big 10 conference championship game. Of course, the moves left another hopeful on the outside looking in, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Playoff committee ranking (last week) S&P+ ranking Best win, per S&P+ Worst loss, per S&P+ If the season ended today
1 Clemson (11-0) 1 Florida State Orange Bowl vs. Iowa"]">Orange Bowl vs. Iowa
2 Alabama (10-1) 2 LSU Ole Miss Cotton Bowl vs. Oklahoma"]">Cotton Bowl vs. Oklahoma
3 (7) Oklahoma (10-1) 4 at Baylor Texas Cotton Bowl vs. Alabama
4 (5) Iowa (11-0) 29 at Wisconsin Orange Bowl vs. Clemson
5 (9) Michigan State (10-1) 14 at Michigan at Nebraska Rose Bowl vs. Stanford"]">Rose Bowl vs. Stanford
6 (4) Notre Dame (10-1) 9 Navy at Clemson Fiesta or Peach
7 (10) Baylor (9-1) 6 West Virginia Oklahoma New Year's Bowl, perhaps Sugar
8 (3) Ohio State (10-1) 5 Penn State Michigan State Fiesta or Peach
9 (11) Stanford (9-2) 12 UCLA at Northwestern Rose Bowl vs. Michigan State
10 (12) Michigan (9-2) 3 at Penn State at Utah
11 (6) Oklahoma State (10-1) 19 at West Virginia Baylor New Year's Bowl, perhaps Sugar
12 (8) Florida (10-1) 10 Ole Miss at LSU Sugar Bowl vs. Big 12"]">Sugar Bowl vs. Big 12
13 (14) Florida State (9-2) 7 NC State at Georgia Tech
14 (17) North Carolina (10-1) 31 at Pittsburgh vs. South Carolina
15 (16) Navy (9-1) 11 South Florida at Notre Dame Fiesta or Peach
16 (20) Northwestern (9-2) 48 Stanford Iowa
17 (23) Oregon (8-3) 33 at Stanford Washington State
18 (22) Ole Miss (8-3) 8 at Alabama at Memphis
19 (18) TCU (9-2) 18 West Virginia at Oklahoma State
20 (NR) Washington State (8-3) 60 at UCLA Portland State
21 (NR) Mississippi State (8-3) 23 at Arkansas at Texas A&M
22 (NR) UCLA (8-3) 17 at Utah Arizona State
23 (13) Utah (8-3) 32 Michigan at Arizona
24 (NR) Toledo (9-1) 21 Arkansas Northern Illinois
25 (NR) Temple (9-2) 39 Penn State at South Florida

There are those who are upset with the committee this week's release, something that will continue to pervade the college football realm. However, Iowa and Oklahoma are far from being out of woods. The Hawkeyes still have to face a program like Michigan State in the conference title match and the Sooners have Bedlam on the horizon...on the road nonetheless. Add to it the fact that Notre Dame plays Stanford on the road. There's no way I'd like to trade shoes with the committee this season!

With one week remaining in the regular season, a top ten shake up is bound to happen. Who will fall and who will remain victorious? Only time will reveal the answers. Until then, BOOMER!