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Mike Gundy On OSU Running Game | "There's Not Much We Can Do..."

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy met with the media on Monday to discuss his team's loss to Baylor and the upcoming Bedlam game in Stillwater on Saturday night.

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It'll be one of the bigger Bedlam games in recent history. For Oklahoma, an outright win gives them their ninth Big 12 championship under Bob Stoops. For Oklahoma State a win, combined with a Baylor loss, would give them their second conference title in the last five years. It's going to be a big weekend and Gundy was quick to talk about it.

"As a coaching staff, we're obviously back to work and getting ready for Bedlam. We'll get the guys back over here and start into another week. There's a lot of excitement about GameDay being here on campus. Obviously, it's a festive atmosphere here when we have Bedlam on campus and when the biggest show in college football comes to Stillwater. We'll try to stay focused on the task at hand. The good news is that everyone in the state will be excited about the game this week, and I can't imagine that our players won't stay focused, prepare and play well on Saturday." - Mike Gundy on the excitement around the Bedlam game

The pressing issue for Oklahoma State is their rushing attack. The Cowboys managed to muster just 8 yards of offense on the ground against Baylor last Saturday night, and it certainly had it's impact on the game. As far as changing things to get the ground game going, Gundy said it would come in time for Bedlam.

"There's not much we can do from a scheme standpoint, mainly because you only have two days to prepare. It's unrealistic to change that much. At this point in the season, you have more flexibility when you get into postseason play. We try to find ways within the system that we can manage to stay balanced on offense. It's not frustrating, but it makes it more difficult to be successful on offense and generate points and yards. We can't change what's happened or how we got to this point, but we can try to make it better in the future." - Mike Gundy on improving the OSU rushing attack

The Sooners got good news on Monday when it was revealed that quarterback Baker Mayfield was cleared to practice, and subsequently play, this week. He was one of the players Gundy was asked about in the press conference.

"He's been really good. You know, I was very impressed with Boykin, and in my opinion, Mayfield is as elusive and productive in the world he's living in. He has made plays with legs, and his ability to run has kept drives going and has moved the chains. He's been a really good player." - Mike Gundy on Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield

OSU defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer had his own thoughts on Mayfield as well, and they pretty much lined up right along with Gundy.

"He's not a pocket guy. He'll take shots, but then when it's a pattern to read, he reads it and then he'll keep staying free until they come open. They're just gaining confidence every week and making plays. They're clicking along pretty good right now." - Glenn Spencer on Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield

With everything that's at stake on Saturday evening, one thing that we know for certain is that Bedlam won't be decided at a press conference, it'll be decided on the field. However, two of the biggest factors concerning this game were address on Monday in the mentioning of Oklahoma State's struggles to run the ball and the value of a healthy Baker Mayfield.