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Sooners Weekend Recruiting Update: The Calm Before the Storm

Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels
Student Sports

If you are like me, you keep checking twitter hoping to hear of the next Sooners commit for the class of 2016, and as of yet we haven't had any commits. Some might see this as a down side, but I think it is the calm before the storm. Here are the players that visited this weekend that I believe will be Sooners.

5* LB Caleb Kelly 6-3/215

I just don't see it being anyone but Oklahoma. Kelly by all accounts REALLY enjoyed his visit and I think the Sooners have a lead that can't be beat. There are just TOO many connections that he has to the program.

4* LB Elysee Mbem-Bosse 6-2/228 from Ellenwood, GA

I thought he would like the visit, but I think he was honestly blown away. This was a guy that I believe had the Sooners on his radar before the weekend, but now the Sooners have a commanding lead. Mbem-Bosse is a really good player.

3* OL Trystan Castillo 6-4/280 from Webb City, MO

While it looks like he didn't pick up an offer, this is one where I believe an offer will come soon and he will flip.

3* OT Tramonda Moore 6-5/330 from Oklahoma City, OK

The longer this goes, the more I go back and forth on this one. It's an OSU/OU battle, and I guess I will have to see him commit to Oklahoma State over OU before I believe it.

JUCO OL Bennett Powers 6-5/315 from El Dorado, KS

Powers is not ranked yet, but he will be soon enough. He has picked up offers from KSU, TTech, TCU, and now the Sooners. He is a rare JUCO in that he will have the ability to redshirt and have 3 years of eligibility. His recruitment is taking off and I expect him to be a Sooner.

4* WR Velus Jones 6-0/185 from Saraland, AL

I think he will still take his Michigan visit, but I think the Sooners are out in front. Technically he is still committed to USC, but he will not be a Trojan.

3* DL Marcel Southall 6-3/270 from Duncaville, TX.

He is my favorite player in the class and I believe the Sooners furthered their lead after the weekend.

4* DL Chris Daniels 6-3/300 from Euless, TX

OU and Michigan, and I think it is definitely the Sooners. He had a great visit by all accounts.

So while we haven't seen commitments yet, we could realistically see 8 commits result from this weekend by National Signing Day. I'd call that the call before the storm.