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What to Expect from TCU's Offense Against Sooners

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This post is admittedly hard to write, as we really don't know what to expect from the Horned Frogs this Saturday in Norman. Not only are some of the less heralded players hurt, but now with Doctson out and quite possibly Boykin not playing, the Horned Frogs are shell of what they were. This makes them near impossible to predict.

That being said TCU will basically be in a nothing to lose mode and could pull out all the stops offensively to catch the Sooners off guard. Whatever the offensive game plant that is put forward on Saturday, it will almost assuredly feature a heavy dose of Aaron Green. The senior running back from San Antonio, TX has carried the ball 179 times on the season for 973 yards while finding the endzone 9 times. He has also added another receiving touchdown.

Green hasn't really had his due this season because of name like Perine, Mixon, and Linwood, but he is a more than capable runner who can carry a football team.

If Boykin is able to go on Saturday, we would probably expect him to not be near as mobile, but that doesn't mean he can't beat a team with his arm. He has completed over 65% of his passes and in spite of his dual threat reputation, is more than capable of beating teams with his arm. We should know more about his status on soon.

All in all the Sooners still can't take the Horned Frogs lightly as there is ZERO margin for error. The Sooners must win and do so impressively.