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Star DT Chris Daniels Set to Visit for TCU

Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels
Student Sports

I believe you can never have too much talent along a defensive line. Elite interior lineman can change the entire performance of an offense. The Sooners are sitting well for a player of this caliber in Euless, TX 4* Chris Daniels 6-3/300.

Daniels is a star and his offer list is immense (Bama, Ark, Baylor, Houston, Iowa, Miami, Michigan St., Ole Miss, Mizzou, Nebraska, OKState, Oregon, TCU, TTech, USC, Utah, Washington, Michigan, Ohio St., A&M, and the Sooners).

In spite of this gigantic offer list, Daniels appears to be a Wolverine/Sooner battle. Daniels tweeted out his upcoming visit on twitter with the following tweet.

The Sooners shouldn't have to wait long for an answer as Daniels should decide before Christmas. A huge visit this weekend could give the Sooners a lead that can't be overcome.

Check out Daniels highlights below.

You can follow Chris Daniels on twitter here.