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Jim Mora and patooties, dueling Sam Becketts, things that chap my hide, and a big win on the Brazos.

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  • Happy Monday, Sooners fans!  Ge-crikey, that was one heck of a storm in Waco on Saturday, wasn’t it?  I could swear I saw raindrops as big as footballs!
  • Before I get into my review, I need to get something out of the way, and I’m going full-on Jim Mora here: "Playoffs?  Playoffs?!"  I refuse to talk about the College Football Playoff rankings until the final field of four is set.  I will not waste my time complaining about something that hasn’t happened, that may not happen, and that I have no control over anyway.  To paraphrase Samuel Beckett: if anyone wants to give themselves headaches over what the CFP ranking are and are not, let them; let them also provide their own aspirin.
  • I’m talking about this Samuel Beckett, not this Sam Beckett.
  • Golly, but that was a fun game to watch!  The Rain in McLane had balls bouncing funny ways, and both teams had a couple of possessions in which goofy circumstances led to goofy results.  (E.g., slippery ball leading to a muffed handoff, but the ball miraculously bouncing right back into Baker Mayfield’s hands.)
  • Because we’re in THE GAUNTLET(™), I’ll be splitting the bulletpoints into two this week.  Just a few quick thoughts off the top of my head:
    • Easily the slipperiest game I’ve seen the Sooners play in a long time.  What kind of field do they have down there in Waco, anybody know?  If I’d have known we’d have ice dancing, I’d have asked to see Eric Striker in a tutu.  Because that would be terrifying, and I like horror movies.
    • Even from the replay, I could not see the kick that led to Dimon’s ejection.  Regardless, the manner in which he left the field of play was unacceptable.  I say this not caring what the Baylor fans in the student section may have been yelling at him.  I expect there to be consequences.  I also expect it to be a teachable moment, which is what the young students at the University of Oklahoma are there for.
    • I found myself often yelling at Baker Mayfield through the television, "THROW IT OUT OF BOUNDS!" and then finding myself rather glad that he didn’t.  (Mayfield has never once responded to me through my television, which my psychiatrist tells me is a good sign.)
    • Been waiting all season to watch Samaje bust a long one.  He picked a good time for it.  Big Dog finished with a buck-sixty-six and two TDs, but it was close to more but for a couple shoestring tackles.  Mixon, on the other hand, did not have a great game, but I’m glad we kept going to him.  He’ll bounce back.
    • Trevor Knight did not receive extended (or any) playing time, but still burned calories like he had.  Watching the young man be a cheerleader on the sidelines really showed me what tremendous character and selflessness the young man possesses.  A lot of kids in his position would never recover from the ego bruise, but TK has acquitted himself like a true captain all season long.  Really impressed with the young fella.
    • A good number of favorites to choose from in this one, but my personal favorite?  The defensive series right after Baylor had the long kickoff return to give them great field position.  First, second, and third down were three backwards plays in a row.  That simply doesn’t happen to Baylor.
  • I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.  (And a rock star, at the same time, but that’s another story.)  Probably not going to happen for me, but if you know a kid who does?  This is what it takes. (Spoilers: it involves escaping from a submerged helicopter blindfolded and learning Russian.)
  • And another thing I want to use boldface to rant about for a second: I have never cared a whit about the Heisman Trophy.  "Best player in college football" my patootie.  Did Lawrence Taylor win the Heisman?  Did Lee Roy Selmon?  Heisman Trophy, your argument is invalid.  You’re a PR gimmick that’s used to sell cars and soda pop.
  • (Oh, man, I said "patootie" -- clearly I’m getting emotional over here, and understand if Hofeld decides to edit me.)
  • Fun moment in today’s press conference: when a reporter asked Coach Stoops a question about his walk-on quarterback, Stoops responded: "Um, he’s a scholarship guy."  Somewhere in Lubbock, Kliff Kingsbury’s ears turned red.
  • Two days ago, President Boren wrote an op-ed as a follow up to the ugly SAE fraternity incident that occurred on OU’s campus earlier this year.  It’s worth a read.
  • Peace and love, Sooners fans.  You know, I end all of these bulletpoints with those words, "Peace and love, Sooners fans."  I’d like to share a momentary personal note here.  April 19th, 1995, was my twentieth birthday.  I was a student at OU.  Twenty miles away from me, a terrorist’s bomb took 168 souls from the world.  I don’t want to get into any kind of political discussion concerning the recent massacre in France, but just want to reiterate my wish for you and for all of us: Peace and love.  Peace and love.  Peace and love.