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AP & Coaches Poll | New Big XII Program Slides Into The Top Four

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

The Stanford Cardinal suffered a second loss on the season -- this time in their own time zone! Gone are the excuses used by the College Football Playoff Committee to seat the Cardinal ahead of undefeated teams. Now, forced to rethink the rankings once again, how will those without a loss stack up? Of course we must wait until Tuesday for the official release of the only ranking that matter but until then, here are the AP and Coaches Polls

AP Coaches S&P+ Massey
1 Clemson (34) Clemson (28) Clemson Clemson
2 Ohio State (2) Ohio State (32) Alabama Alabama
3 Alabama (4) Alabama (4) Ohio State Ohio State
4 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma Oklahoma
5 Notre Dame Notre Dame Michigan Notre Dame
6 Iowa Iowa Notre Dame Oklahoma State
7 Oklahoma Oklahoma Baylor Florida
8 Florida Florida Florida State Iowa
9 Michigan State Michigan State Ole Miss Baylor
10 Baylor Baylor Florida TCU
11 TCU TCU USC Michigan State
12 North Carolina North Carolina Navy Stanford
13 Houston Michigan LSU Michigan
14 Michigan Houston West Virginia North Carolina
15 Stanford Stanford Stanford Houston
16 Florida State Florida State Bowling Green Navy
18 Utah Utah Wisconsin Utah
19 Navy Navy NC State Florida State
20 Northwestern Wisconsin Oklahoma State USC
21 Wisconsin Northwestern Tennessee Ole Miss
22 USC Oregon Western Kentucky Memphis
23 Oregon Washington State Arkansas Wisconsin
24 Washington State USC Mississippi State Mississippi State
25 Ole Miss Ole Miss (T-25) Washington Arkansas
25 Mississippi State (T-25)

A quick glance reveals the coaches as well as the media favors the only remaining undefeated Big XII program -- the Oklahoma State Cowboys -- as a playoff contender over a one loss Notre Dame team. However, the conference is showing signs of strength with four programs ranked inside the top eleven. Of those teams, the Oklahoma Sooners climb the furthest and look to earn a playoff spot. With two weeks of the regular season left, can the Sooners pull off what was once considered unlikely? I think so!