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Is the Sooner Defense for Real? Baylor Will Provide the Answer

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'd love to assert with confidence that the Sooners defense will be able to shut down the Bears Saturday evening in Waco, but I don't know if any team can shut them down entirely. Going into Saturday, the Sooners are the best defensive team in the Big 12 (albeit with games left against Baylor, TCU, and OKState). This weekend will go a long ways to determining whether or not the Sooners defense is for real or if they have just been able to mask poor defense by playing even poorer competition. Here is what the Sooners defense needs to do to prove that they are for real on Saturday.

1 - No Busts In the Secondary

Zack Sanchez (who should return), Jordan Thomas, Steven Parker, and company will have their work cut out for them. Corey Coleman has been a nightmare matchup for everyone this season. While the Sooners won't be able to completely shut him down, they have to find some success this Saturday or it could be a long day.

2- Control the Line of Scrimmage

Baylor's ground game often gets overlooked, but it is no slouch. Shock Linwood has already eclipsed the 1000 yard mark on the season and averages 7.8 yards per carry. Matt Romar, Charles Tapper, and company must contain the Baylor ground game or this game will get out hand.

3- Create Confusion for Stidham

Jarrett Stidham will be making his second career start on Saturday. While Stidham has all the makings of an elite quaterback, he is still a true freshman making his second start. Disguising blitzes, stunting the defensive lineman, mixing in zone and man, in other words basically anything and everything to make Stidham's second start a nightmare.The Sooners also need to continue to pile up sacks along with creating confusion.

While this is seemingly the recipe for the defense in every game, the Sooners defense must prove it on Saturday. I along with the entire Sooner nation is ready to buy back in to the defense. Saturday can't get here soon enough!