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Monday Morning Bulletpoints #1 -- WVU -- 10/5/15

Thoughts on a win against a team that ain't done making noise in the conference.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, Sooners, fans! I hope you all were able to do a little extra cheering for me on Saturday, as I was laid up with laryngitis and an ear infection.  It’s still lingering, so if you notice any typos in this post, it’s just my voice not having recovered.

For all the West Virginia fans who came out to Norman, I hope those country roads got you back home safely.  Players on both sides appeared to get a little chippy throughout the game, but I heard of nothing to indicate that spread to the crowd.

I won’t call the WVU game a poorly-officiated game, because I don’t think it was.  That said, it’s hard to deny that it was a MUCH-officiated game.  Ge-crikey.  Pretty much all of those flags that flew, I could see exactly why.  Neither team played clean, and the refs called it on both of us.  I can say it was frustrating, but I can’t call it inaccurate.  The zebras were doing their jobs.  As applies to refs, there are two things that I will say: 1) every sports team in the world has fans who think that they are actively against their team, and 2) in football, offenses get a break; defenses get a break; refs are on the field the whole stinking game, and you talk about your guys getting tired?

Trivia is fun: did you know that the idea for using a penalty flag, instead of a whistle, came from a Youngstown State coach, not a referee?  Or that its first recorded usage was in a game against Oklahoma City University back in 1941?  Almost one year from today, the penalty flag turns 75 years old.

(Heck, I didn’t even know Oklahoma City University fielded a football team in 1941.)

So I’m throwing a new thing in here.  Sub bullets.  One sentence only.  Because our punctuation has the technology.

o If one of our other writers finds the time, I’d like to read their opinion on what Eric Striker has meant to this team in his time at Oklahoma.

o Last year, Stoops kept calling this Steven Parker kid "special," and we’re seeing why now.

o As true freshmen go, Austin Seibert might be bigger than Marcus Dupree.

o Ahmad Thomas; Jordan Thomas; Jordan Evans; Jordan Wade.  Nila Kasitati.  (Okay, I couldn’t stick to the one-sentence rule.)

o Mayfield didn’t have a rushing touchdown, and so it’s official: he’s not Michael Vick.

o Arguments can be made that he was underutilized, but Samaje Perine didn’t have a bad game, and Lincoln Riley is smart.

I read a lot of teams’ CFB blogs, and "Fire Some/Everybody" was used by at least some fans of the following teams: West Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, UCLA.  The list is undoubtedly longer.  Two teams I didn’t see it from on their blogs?  Oklahoma and Notre Dame.  Huh.

Around the week in one bulletpoint: Iowa State got to feel like the schoolyard bully and Kansas got to remember why they’re the best team in the conference in March.  Texas Tech brought a gun to a gunfight and Baylor brought a Browning .50 caliber.  Okie State edged Purple Kansas in one of those games I’m really not sure who "won."  And Texas Christian University  was just downright un-Christian to the Longhorns.

Peace and love, Sooners fans! I may say it twice this week, but I mean it double every week.  Because it’s Texas week, I’m splitting this up into two parts.  But to look at the week that was, beating a solid WVU squad by 20 was good, and deserves its own recognition.