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Oklahoma Sooners Jump Into AP Poll Top Ten

Brett Deering/Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners have cracked the top ten for the first time this season in the AP Poll behind a second win over a top twenty-five opponent. Moving up the ladder, the rest of the Big 12 elite followed suit as Baylor and TCU leap frog Michigan State. With the meat of the schedule waiting in November for the Sooners, can they continue the trend and possibly land themselves in the college football playoff?

1 Ohio State (38)
2 TCU (5)
3 Baylor (10)
4 Michigan State
5 Utah (7)
6 Clemson
8 Alabama
9 Texas A&M (1)
10 Oklahoma
11 Florida
12 Florida State
13 Northwestern
14 Ole Miss
15 Notre Dame
16 Stanford
17 USC
18 Michigan
19 Georgia
21 Oklahoma State
22 Iowa
23 Cal
24 Toledo
25 Boise State