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Big 12 Weekend Recap : Week 8

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Before this weekend, Baylor looked destined to run the table. But then the injury from Seth Russell came and so did two dominating performances from the Oklahoma teams, so now their road to the playoff stands a lot harder than it did last week. TCU didn't play, but their road to a title looks a little harder now too because of the way the Oklahoma teams are playing.

The Big 12 saw four games decided by more than double digits on Saturday, with no final scores that were all that suprising. Texas defeated Kansas State 23-9, Baylor got past Iowa State 45-27, the Sooners clobbered Texas Tech 63-27, and Okie State destroyed Kansas by 48.

Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are still the only contenders and it will remain that way for the rest of the season. Texas has proven that they can play with anybody and lose to anybody, so it will be interesting to see who the real Longhorns team is down the stretch. The one that rushed all over Oklahoma or the one that managed just seven points against TCU. Texas Tech now has three conference losses, but it wouldn't be shocking at all to see them finish 9-3 on the season. Their toughest remaining game for them is against the Cowboys and that game will be played in Lubbock.

Kansas State has now lost four in a row for the first time since 2005, which could possibly mean that Bill Snyder retires after this season. Of course, they would resign him in July if he retired after this season. What else are you gonna do if you're the Wildcats? Then again there's still a chance for them to be bowl eligible if they beat Iowa State, Kansas, and steal a game away from the Red Raiders or Mountaineers.

Big 12 Standings :

Team Conf. Rec Overall


4-0 7-0
BAY 4-0 7-0
OSU 4-0


OU 3-1 6-1
TEX 2-2 3-4
TTU 2-3 5-3
ISU 1-3 2-5
KSU 0-4 3-4
WVU 0-3 3-3
KU 0-4 0-7