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OU/WVU Weekend Recruiting Update

Baylen Buchanan
Baylen Buchanan
Student Sports

It's a shame this game is not at 2:30 or 6:00 p.m. as it clearly made an impact on the number of players that are heading to Norman this weekend for a visit. Here is a list of the players that will be in attendance this weekend as well as a breakdown of the Sooners chances on landing a commitment (this list is in no way comprehensive of the total number of players in Norman this weekend).

Official Visits

4* DB Jordan Parker 5-11/184

3* DB Baylen Buchanan 5-11/187 (Louisville Commit)

4* ATH Brandon Burton 6-1/188

3* DE/OLB Sci Martin 6-4/220

3* DT Stephon Taylor 6-5/300

A Linebacker Committed to a Pac 12 School

Unofficial Visits

4* QB Austin Kendall 6-2/210 (OU Commit)

3* DB Obi Eboh 6-1/180 (Texas Commit)

3* OL Tramonda Moore 6-5/330

2* TE Blake Williams 6-4/225

2017 4* DB Robert Barnes 6-3/190 (OU Commit)

So who do the Sooners have a realistic shot with?

Parker and Buchanan

The conversation begins and ends with Parker and Buchanan. I believe both prospects are incredibly high on the Sooners, but the question remains of how BOTH would fit into the class of 2016 with a limited number of scholarships remaining. I don't think either player commits this weekend, but it wouldn't shock me to see one of these guys pull the trigger this weekend.

Sci Martin and Stephon Taylor

Sci Martin and Stephon Taylor have recently emerged from the shadows for Sooner fans and even received a tweet from Diron Reynolds.

Taylor's offer list is insane (Bama, Auburn, FSU, LSU, UGA, Ole Miss, TCU, Tenn, A&M, and the Sooners just to name a few). His teammate Sci Martin's offer list is not quite as full as Taylor's but its nothing to scoff at (FSU, LSU, TCU, and the Sooners). Could the Sooner pull 2 prospects out of Louisiana with LSU offers? A huge visit could go a long ways to making this become a reality.

What about Obi Eboh?

Eboh was thought to be a Sooner lean, but committed to Texas shortly after picking up an offer. Now he will be in Norman this weekend with his teammate and class of 2017 Sooner commit Robert Barnes. I don't think Eboh will de-commit and end up in Norman, but something in me would like to see it happen just to spite the Longhorns.

The Linebacker Committed to a Pac 12 School

After the Sooners and Marvin Terry parted ways earlier this week, it is interesting to see them after another LB. I believe the plan was always to take 5 LB's in this class, and Terry's situation points to potentially grade issues. The player visiting this weekend could join 5* Caleb Kelly as the final two linebackers in the class of 2016.