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Sooners Offense Soars in Manhattan

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to not be excited as a Sooner fan after today's performance in Manhattan. The Sooners offense amassed 568 yards and found the endzone 6 times as they routed the Wildcats. Here are some post game thoughts on the Sooners impressive win at KSU.

- The Sooners offense starts and begins with Baker Mayfield, and it is near impossible to find fault with his game today as he finished 20-27 for 282 yards and 5 TDs and ZERO interceptions. Mayfield executed a Sooners offense that struck quick and often as the Sooners went with a hurry up, uptempo offense that had the Wildcats reeling from the start. If I had to give a slight critique of Mayfield it's that he either misses the short underneath routes in his progression or feels that he can always make the huge play because of his gunslinger mentality. That being said, when you are playing behind a less than stellar offensive line, what Mayfield is accomplishing is quite spectacular.

- The Sooners also found some sucess (although not as much as needed) on the ground as they rushed for 232 yards on 52 carries. It still seems like the running game is not quite their yet at best and totally lacking at worst. This was on display in the 3rd quarter as the Sooners had 1st and goal inside the 5 and couldn't generate enough push to punch it in on the ground. The ended up settling for a Seibert FG. This drive didn't really matter on Saturday, but I could see the Sooners in a situation later in the season where they would need to run the ball in a goal line situation and being unable to do so.

- Even though the carries and yards (11 for 56) don't bear it out, the Sooners were obviously more committed to the run early and found some success with Perine. This was an encouraging development moving forward. When you combine the stats of Mixon the Sooners 1-2 punch finished with 26 carries for 129 yards and a TD. Not bad, but still can get much much better.

- Orlando Brown played probably his best game as a Sooner. While he still must improve, he is showing signs of growing up and becoming a really good football player. For all of the steps Brown took forward today, the Sooners are still the definition of inconsistency in the interior of the OL. Miscommunications, whiffing on blocks, and getting totally beat at the point of attack are happening too frequently.

- All Michiah Quick does is catch footballs. Not bad for someone who had a reputation for having poor hands. He was a part of 12 different players who caught a pass today, highlighted by Sterling Shepard who ended the game with 83 yards receiving and 2 TDs.

- Mark Andrews in an enigma. His talent is obvious and he is a huge threat. He had 1 catch for 3 yards (albeit the catch was a TD). He needs to be way more involved in the offense.

- My heart skipped a beat when Baker put his shoulder down and tried to run over the KSU defender in the 3rd quarter on 3rd and goal. I admire the competitor in Mayfield, but if he scores the Sooners are up by 52, if he doesn't they are still up by 45.

What are you thoughts on the Sooner offense today in Manhattan?