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Kansas State Wildcats | "We're Mad...We Want This Win"

While the Sooners are reeling from a devastating loss to Texas last week, the Kansas State Wildcats are trying to recover from back-to-back losses where they had legitimate opportunities to pull the upset.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Snyder's Kansas State Wildcats are off to an 0-2 start in conference play but it's by a razor thin margin. KSU dropped a two-point decision to Oklahoma State in Stillwater, in a game where Big 12 officials made a significant blunder that cost the Wildcats a defensive stop, and last weekend they were out-dueled 52-45 by TCU after having a significant lead.

As players and coaches met with the media earlier in the week Snyder didn't have much to say that may tip off the frustration level of his team but the players sure did.

"We were angry after that OSU loss because that was a tough loss coming down to the wire, and this one just adds fuel to the fire. We are tired of losing these tough games because we know that we can play with anybody, and we showed that. TCU is a great team and we played right with them the whole game. We fully expect OU to come in here prepared, but we want this win." - Quarterback Joe Hubener

"We are excited. There is nothing else you can be but excited. We have Oklahoma coming in, another ranked team here at home, and we know what we can do. Looking back at these past two weeks, everyone knows we need to work on finishing, but everyone knows what we are capable of and we are excited. We need this win, we need some morale and we need some uplift to get this season going because we have a lot of football left to play. No matter what it takes or how ugly it gets, we just need to roll out of this Saturday with a win." - Offensive Lineman Dalton Risner

"I see a lot of the same things from last year's game to two years ago. We are going to see a lot of similar things. There is a little bit of different personnel than there has been the last couple years, but I still see a lot of similar things. They are a great offense, and they show that week in and week out. They play in the clutch, and they can do some special things." - Linebacker Will Davis on Oklahoma's offense

"The many skill players they have. They have a lot all over the field, so we have to watch out for that." - Linebacker Elijah Lee on the biggest strength of the OU offense

If Saturday's loss to Texas was a "wake-up call" for the Sooners then it could have come at just the right time. While the team, and their fans, would prefer they enter this game with a perfect record the flip-side is that they should be more prepared than they were a week ago. Kansas State is coming to fight and scrap their way to a win on Saturday afternoon and you can expect them to take it to the wire.