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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Three Offensive Players Who Must Perform Against The Kansas State Wildcats

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Josiah St. John

Against the Texas Longhorns last week, a small irregularity showed up film concerning Josiah St. John. Playing along the offensive line, the redshirt senior's stance revealed the offensive play call. When squared up to the line of scrimmage, the Oklahoma Sooners planned to run the ball. However, if St. John's dropped the right foot in a staggered pattern, the plan was to throw the ball.

Facing the facts, it wasn't just the right tackle making mistakes. The offensive line proved unable to create running lanes while failing to protect the quarterback. The lack of protection forced the coaching staff to use the running backs as extra blockers instead of weapons, multiplying the issue. Against a disciplined team like the Kansas State Wildcats, the offensive line must improve greatly and in a hurry.

Baker Mayfield

Bill Snyder's team watched Trevone Boykin run wild last Saturday. Yet, the Kansas State Wildcats still own the conference's top rushing defense giving up 105.2 yards on the ground per game. The lack of production on the ground multiplies the problem heading into the weekend. Of course, the combination puts the pressure firmly on Baker Mayfield's shoulders.

Lincoln Riley needs his quarterback not only to find open receivers but also to do some of the work with his legs. Hopefully the effort puts Oklahoma out front early as the Wildcats have earned the label of a quick start type team.

Dede Westbrook

Throughout preseason conversations, Dede Westbrook's name consistently popped up as a complimentary player to Sterling Shepard. Looking forward to the battle in Manhattan, Kansas and the struggles along the offensive line, the Sooners must find success in the short passing game. Assuming Shepard draws the most attention, it will be on Westbrook to get the job done.