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What To Expect From Oklahoma's Offense vs Kansas State

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma offense had it's worst showing of the season last weekend in a 24-17 loss to Texas. They didn't score a single touchdown in the first half and averaged just 1.8 yards per rush. The offensive line allowed six sacks which killed a lot of potential scoring drives. They now sit at 4-1 because of their poor performance in Dallas.

This week, they're going up against a Kansas State team that has been mediocre on defense this year. Given that the Longhorns were ranked near the bottom of the conference in every defensive statistical category before they played the Sooners, it's hard to guess how good the offense will be now. But here's what to expect from Oklahoma while they're on offense this Saturday:

Get Back to the Air Raid - The Sooners sort of went away from passing against Texas and only threw it 28 times (not counting the six sacks) which is understandable given the Sooners offensive line issues. But Oklahoma is better at passing than they are running. Baker Mayfield is phenomenal and the receivers are playing much better than they were last season. If Oklahoma has any chance to win out and possible make the College Football Playoff, it will be because they outscore teams by passing the ball. Trying to stick to the run when you only get 1-2 yards per carry isn't going to win you very many football games. So pass the ball.

Baker Mayfield Throws A Few More Passing Touchdowns - Before the Texas game, Mayfield had thrown at least three touchdown passes in every game. I expect the quarterback to get that streak started again against the Wildcats defense that has allowed six passing touchdowns in their last two games.

An Improved Offensive Line - The Sooners offensive line has been dreadful this season. The first four games, they couldn't stop holding. They didn't get called for nearly as many penalties against Texas, but they let the defensive line run right through them. Offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh has gone through many ups and downs this year, but I think they'll come out more disciplined against a Kansas State team that has more skill than talent on defense. Even if they don't play a flawless game, an improved line should give the Sooners some hope that they can still compete for a Big 12 title behind their offense.

So while the offense more than likely won't figure everything out this weekend in Manhatten, they should bounce back in a big way from a loss. Something a Bob Stoops team generally does well.