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What's Going on with OL Recruiting?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If Saturday showed us anything, its that the Sooners need difference makers across the offensive line. While I fully believe the Sooners have amassed some very good and possibly elite talent on the offensive line, they must continue to recruit players who can continue to allow them to compete at the highest levels.

That being said the Sooners have their work cut out for them along the offensive line for the class of 2016. As of today the lone commitment is 3 star Logan Roberson 6-5/320.

So where do the Sooners go from here? I expect at least 2 additional players, and quite possibly even 3. The interesting/scary thing is that its not obvious where these players will come from. I feel quite good about the Sooners chances with JUCO OT Ashton Julious 6-8/330, I am not sure where the remaining 1-2 players will come from. Tramonda Moore 6-5/330 would seemingly be the most logical choice, but even he is not a lock (he is also very high on Oklahoma State and has possible grade issues).

Other possible options include the recently de-committed Kellen Diesch 6-7/270. Diesch appears to be high on Texas A&M, although a Sooner visit could still happen.

There are other viable options in JohnCarlo Valentin 6-5/340 and Denzel Okafor 6-4/290, but neither appear to be looking strongly towards the Sooners at this point.

You can then throw in Tulsa, OK offensive guard Rowdy Frederick who at this point does not hold an OU offer.

I fully expect another couple offers to go out before the end of the season and the Sooners to end up with Logan Roberson, Tramonda Moore, Ashton Julious, and a player not yet having an offer.