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Bob Stoops | Offensive Identity "Has Been Inconsistent"

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For the third consecutive year, the Oklahoma Sooners appeared to play uninspired football against the Texas Longhorns in the Red River Rivalry. The idea leads to questions of preparedness heading into the annual game at the Cotton Bowl in the center of the Texas State Fair. It's no surprise the media threw out the question during Bob Stoops' weekly press conference.

Once a top notch rivalry with national implication each year, this remains the type of game in which players should not require any extra motivation. Making no qualms about it, Stoops remained adamant the team displayed an eagerness throughout practices as well as on the sideline during OU/Texas week.

Addressing several issues that contributed to the loss, concerns focused on the offensive line.

Managing a mere three first downs verifies the legitimacy of the concerns. The lack of protection provided for Baker Mayfield has been somewhat overlooked up until this point of the season thanks to the quarterbacks ability to escape would be tacklers. Now, taking center stage, the offered solution to the problem is timing.

What is meant by timing? Of course, fans can translate the statement to mean Mayfield holds the ball too long. While it may be true, Stoops quite frankly refers to the short passing game when using such verbiage. Unable to find much success, adjustments must be made. Somehow, someway, the offensive line must be relieved of the task of holding blocks for extended periods of time.

Does that mean Kenyon Frison comes closer to playing time? Think again as the coach shot down the idea with stuttering. On another note, Dru Samia continues making improvements. Summing up the offense...