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Texas Longhorns 24 - Oklahoma Sooners 17 | Notes And Quotes

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops was a bit feisty and his players were a bit demoralized following Oklahoma's upset loss to the Longhorns on Saturday.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Offensively got pressure to us really all day, whether they were blitzing or not, and we weren't able to run the football very effectively, so all in all they kicked us. And one football game, there is not much else to say about it. The one-third over in the game I believe was just the one fumble off the kickoff return, so there wasn't a lot of flukey plays that could really change the game, and they won a good, hard-fought game. - Bob Stoops opening statement

Yeah, just got beat. Like you said, offensively, a lot of pressure, a lot of sacks, really couldn't run the football. And defense, early on, I wouldn't say the line of scrimmage. It was more we lost leverage from a couple of the early touchdowns and missed tackles. We had four I think missed tackles, and that was a big issue, or they ran through the tackles, however you want to put it. And then we really, I thought, got control for a while defensively until the sprint draw. The sprint draw broke on us and went for a long run and, again, we missed tackles. So I think missed tackles were a big part of it defensively. - Bob Stoops on the struggles at the line of scrimmage

Yeah, didn't work because they covered us and they pressured us. They controlled the line of scrimmage, you know, and talked about trying to run it. Did I miss anything? They covered us. I think I said that. - Bob Stoops on the struggles of the offense

What we had was there. We just didn't execute well. So plays that we did string up and bust it loose, those were just basic plays. It was nothing unusual in their game plan. It was just they were doing the basic things that they needed to do, and we weren't doing that early on today. - Baker Mayfield on the offensive struggles

It's consistency. A lot of times we have four guys do a good job and then one guy make a mistake, and it's a different guy every time. We'll see on film what happened. We've got to be more physical not just Saturday but have to be more physical every day of the week and have a much better mentality. When we take the field, we can't wait until -- in the second half we started getting some drives, started doing a little bit better, and we can't wait until the second half. We have to start fast. Whatever we did, it will be on the tape and see exactly what we need to do technically better, but our mentality and physicality has to improve a lot. - Ty Darlington on what the offensive line needs to do in order to improve

Well obviously the quarterback running game kept us at bay. It kept us off balance really all night. I though Jay did a great job setting the quarterback run game. We tried to make some adjustments to the run game. There was a lot of plays we didn't see but there's a lot, the sprint draw that went for 80 late in the third quarter, is a play that we've worked on. We just didn't play, we didn't execute. They played great all day. They blocked us. Any time you rush for 300 yards, that's tough. That was unfortunate. - Mike Stoops on the biggest struggle for the defense

It was a little bit of everybody; it wasn't just the offensive line. I had a couple of bad calls that put us in bad places, didn't get the ball out a few times. Everyone contributed to that, and obviously the first part of the game we were behind the chains so much because of it. We were just playing catch up until the end. - Lincoln Riley on the struggles of the offense

We tried to establish something, but we weren't great at it. The problem was we would have a couple of good runs, and then you get sacked and you get behind the chains and it's tough. You're not able to do as much, and obviously running better will help you stay in front of it, but we just physically got beat.... they beat us up front, they beat us in coverage. We didn't establish the run like we wanted to, so we have to give them credit. - Lincoln Riley on not running the football

Its like they were doing it the whole game and we didn't do anything to stop them. We tried during the third, we put up some stands and things like that, but at the end of the day they were successful running the ball when they wanted to. It is a tough lose for all of us. - Dominique Alexander on the success Texas had running the ball

Game Notes

  • Dimitri Flowers scored his first career touchdown on a 2-yard pass from Baker Mayfield in the third quarter.
  • Baker Mayfield has now thrown a touchdown in each of his five games as a Sooner
  • Mayfield has now thrown 14 touchdowns to just three interceptions on the year.
  • With 6 catches in the game, Sterling Shepard passed Quentin Griffin for 5th all-time in program history. Shepard now has 173 total receptions.
  • Shepard also passed Kenny Stills to rank 4th in program history in total receiving yards. He has 2,610 and Stills had 2,594.
  • Eric Striker now has 20 career sacks (2 on the day) which ties him with Darrell Reed at 9th in program history.
  • Four of Austin Seibert's seven punts were downed inside the twenty yard line.