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Mayfield Sacked Six Times, Sooners Lose Red River Shootout

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was suppose to be a blowout win for the Sooners, but Texas came ready to play. The Texas defense got to Baker Mayfield six times and the Sooners managed just 17 points in a 24-17 loss. Texas coach Charlie Strong just earned his biggest win of his tenure with the Longhorns, and Bob Stoops lost to possibly the worst Texas team he has faced since he became a head coach.

Mayfield went 20/28 with a touchdown and no interceptions, but Oklahoma's offense line gave the running backs no room and the quarterback no time in the pocket. It was a huge shock to an Oklahoma team that was widely regarded as a playoff contender after their win against West Virginia last week. They still could sneak in, but Baylor and TCU look like better teams so far.

The Texas offense wasn't  amazing, but they came up with huge plays when they needed it late. They ran it 58 times to just 12 passing plays and they rushed for over 300 yards.

A big run by Texas late in the third quarter made it a two touchdown game, and the Sooners failed to score in a late fourth quarter possession which ended up being the last time the offense touched the ball.

Missed tackles and a lack of the run game is why Oklahoma lost this game. Both sides of the ball lacked execution and now it feels like this season will be another 10-3 season in which the Sooners were just a couple of plays away from being great.