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Key Players on Defense vs. WVU

The Sooners face another offense that thrives on throwing it all over the field in WVU. Here are the players that must step up in order for the Sooners defense to be successful on Saturday.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

WVU's offense will present the Sooners with several difficult match-ups as they feature an attack with quarterback Skyler Howard who is completing 69% of his passes to go along with a sneaky set of running backs and wide receivers who have made multiple big plays this season. The Sooners defense will have to once again dig deep and find a way to win on 3rd down along with hopefully creating a few turnovers. Here are several players that must have big games on Saturday for the Sooners to emerge victorious.

Zack Sanchez - This one goes without saying, but Sanchez will once again be called on to shut down WVU's wide receivers. I expect him to find Zack matching up against WVU WR Shelton Gibson. Zack has proved to be more than capable of answering the challenge set before him and he will find himself again facing a team that throws it all over the field.

Charles Walker - Even though WVU runs an air raid offense, they have no problem running the ball as their stable of running backs have amassed nearly carries through 3 games. Even when not stopping the run, the defensive line can set the tone by pressuring Howard into making mistakes by constant pressure. Walker's emergence this season has placed on him an expectation to deliver each week. He must come through again.

Jordan Thomas - This game gives Thomas a chance at redemption. He has the chance to go from the dog house to the penthouse with a big time performance on Saturday. He will once again get the start and should help solidify a secondary that was shaky at best against Tulsa.

Who are your key players on defense this weekend?