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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / WR Commit John Humphrey is an Early Enrollee

After the dismissal of Jay Norvell, many wondered whether WR John Humphrey would reconsider his commitment to the Sooners. While initially shocked at his departure he re-confirmed his commitment to OU and let everyone know via twitter.

Today he also announced that he was officially a Sooner.

Bob Stoops even let the world know via twitter of Humphrey joining the team.

OU is able to tweet and interact with players as soon as they sign a letter of intent.

Humphrey joins fellow early enrollees Jamal Danley, Bobby Evans, Rodney Anderson, Will Johnson, and Dede Westbrook who have enrolled and will begin class on Monday.

If you don't remember what kind of player the Sooners are getting in Humphrey, this short clip will remind you. HINT: ELITE SPEED