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That's What He Said | Texas Longhorns Sound Off On 70-49 Thumping By Oklahoma

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It was a tough night for the Texas Longhorns, to say the least. A paltry 18-60 (30%) shooting performance saw them drop their worst home loss since Rick Barnes has been there and, even worse, it came by way of a 70-49 blowout at the hands of arch-rival Oklahoma. Here's what was being said after the game.

"I did tell them this, pride gets into it, too, and at some point in time you have to decide that we aren't going to do this and we aren't going to take this." - Texas head coach Rick Barnes on whether the blowout was an embarrassment

"Yes over my career yes. But I'm disappointed because I didn't think we showed any type of toughness at all. We didn't show any type of fight." - Barnes when asked if it there are nights when shots just don't fall

"Sooner or later we have to know who we are. We have to play harder and we have to compete but we haven't gotten back to that level, but that's what I want to see, a group of guys that are hungry and have pride and play hard and compete." - Barnes on if he's concerned about the direction of the team

"We really just have to figure out who we are. Get back to basics of how we started, just playing defense and out-rebounding teams." - Junior guard Demarcus Holland (8 pts, 2 rebounds)

"It just didn't fall for us, and we let it affect the rest of our play, and we can't do that. We're a better team than that. We've gone through games where we couldn't make shots and we adjusted and did other things. We let it affect us tonight, and we can't do that. That's the bottom line." - Junior guard Javan Felix (13 pts, 4 rebounds)

"That was embarrassing. They came in here, took us out of everything, played harder than us, showed more pride than us, were tougher than us and beat us in every area of the game." - Senior Forward Jonathan Holmes (4 points, 6 rebounds)

"They are a really good team. They are really good on offense, they are balanced. They can shoot, they can pound it inside and they can play defense. They are a championship caliber team. They're a good team ... They really punched us in the mouth. Their bigs played better than we did and took it to us." - Jonathan Holmes

Our friends over at Burnt Orange Nation didn't have a very fun night either and I think that we can all agree that we're happy about that. Here are a few fun excerpts from their game thread.

My Prediction Horns win a lot to a little. Too much length

Easy peasy nice and easy. Horns 71 Sooners 60

Change isn't good or bad it just "is". Don Draper of Madmen

by realmccoy on Jan 5, 2015 | 8:44 PM

I have no idea what Rick is trying to do on offense

and here’s a tip about OU: THEY’RE GOING TO SHOOT LOTS OF 3’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dame blame yourself - Rick's Offense so secret even he doesnt know what he is trying to do

Change isn't good or bad it just "is". Don Draper of Madmen


It's obvious what he's trying to do

He wants to go low and get them in foul trouble. Problem is that we don’t have anyone that knows how to feed the post. And once the ball is down there we don’t have anyone that can finish apparently.


OU hasn't even had to give a lick of effort in this game.

We’re simply handing it to them. They aren’t playing tough D, they aren’t playing a great offensive game. We just suck so bad right now. It’s pitiful, but even so, we’re only down 13. If we cut it to single digits before the half things will be looking up.

This is crazy

We aren’t playing well at any phase of the game.


getting steadily worse as the season progresses?

sounds like a signature Rick Barnes coached team


Is this really happening on offense

The most valuable commodity that i know of is information. G.G.

too soon for Fire Barnes?

"It takes a lot to make a stew ..."

Our D is terrible now as well?

Let’s keep jumping at everything. I’m sure that’ll help. Oh, and can we please let the D get absolutely broken down by a single pass with zero movement some more? It’s fun to watch OU players run free for dunks without having to run offense.

I don't even really know what to say right now.

Still GoBR.

Burnt Orange Nation


"Thank goodness it's not late February?"

Nothing is more real than nothing. 
-- Beckett


what CAN you say?

"It takes a lot to make a stew ..."

I've been to wakes that are rowdier than the Erwin Center during a UT basketball game.

I’m going to take a nap now to liven things up.

6-29 fgs, 9 turnovers, 3 assists, NO free throws



we're the complete opposite of an efficient basketball team

and with all that talent once again squandered. How disappointing

A few years ago with Kabongo

OU was blowing us out and we came back and won. Maybe this is just what we do against OU?


We Aint in Kabango anymore - this is bad.

Change isn't good or bad it just "is". Don Draper of Madmen

Lon Kruger is making Rick Barnes look reeaaalllly bad

Nothing is more real than nothing. 
-- Beckett


So much fun looking forward to game all day at work

Then seeing this.


Texas should give the money back to anyone who bought tickets to this "game".


and double to those who actually went to the game

Where does Texas rank in the Big XII?

after a turd sandwich of a game, we don’t look like the future Big XII champs. I’m not sure if we’re even in the top 5 right now. OU, KU, ISUWVU, Baylor, OSU could all beat the crappy product we put out on the court tonight.

I'll never get that 10 minutes back.....

All it took for me to realize it was going to be a waste of everyone’s time. Except maybe the popcorn vendors.