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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Linebacker Help on the Way?

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The Sooners have 1 verbal linebacker commitment in Ricky DeBerry. While he is an absolute star, it's obvious that the Sooners still need linebackers in the worst way. I thought it might be a good idea to check out what is still out there for the Sooners at linebacker. I'm operating under the assumption that the bare minimum number of commitments at the position need to be 3, but 4 would be preferred. So who could fill out the remaining 2 to 3 spots?

1. Josh Smith

Josh Smith is currently committed to Vanderbilt, but will be visiting the Sooners the weekend after the dead period ends (January 16th). He possesses great size 6'3" 220lbs. and would be an amazing fit in the Sooners defense. The Sooners will most likely need to win a battle against Ole Miss and Vanderbilt to see Smith be a part of this class.

2. Arthur McGinnis

McGinnis appears to be down to 3 schools (A&M, ASU, and the Sooners). He has been scheduled to take an official visit to the Sooners but was unable to because of his high school football season. McGinnis is already bigger than some of OU's linebackers (6'2" 225lbs.)  McGinnis tweeted that the Sooners would get his last visit before National Signing Day. If McGinnis makes it to Norman uncommitted, one would have to think that the Sooners are in great shape.

3. Anthony McKee

McKee was down to Michigan State and the Sooners, but has been awfully quiet as of late. Plenty of questions surround McKee and if he is still a take for the Sooners. He officially visited the Sooners when the played Tennessee earlier this season. He still has a visit lined up to Mich State and that could be his eventual landing place.

4. Dwaine Thomas

Dwaine has flown under the radar. Depending on which recruiting service you trust or look at he is either a 2 star or 3 star. Thomas does not yet, have a Sooner offer. I know many people will be upset that the Sooners might be reaching on a prospect, but if you watch Thomas' highlights, you will see that the Sooners could do much much worse. In fact, I might argue that Thomas would be a take in this class regardless of what happens with the other LB targets.

Several other prospects are intriguing for the Sooners, although little if no contact has been made yet. These are

Jay Jay Wilson: While listed at safety by some recruiting services, he possesses linebacker size as a high school senior

Christopher Hart: He is down to Iowa, North Carolina, and Utah. One would think that the Sooners could easily get involved here.

Jace Sternberger; Sternberger is from Kingfisher, OK and is currently committed to the Jayhawks. He does however possess the size 6'4" 225lbs. to transition to a LB in the 3-4.