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Trending | The Twitter Timeline Tells The Story Of Jay Norvell As Media, Fans, And Former Players Sound Off

Bob Stoops took a necessary step on Sunday in shaking up his coaching staff but was Jay Norvell the right guy to go? Here's what was buzzing on Twitter.

John Weast/Getty Images

Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman was the first to break the story that Norvell was gone and then the local media followed suit.

The next step was to immediately determine the repercussions of dismissing the receivers coach with a guy like DGB hanging in the balance.

I've had the opportunity to visit with Coach Norvell and can echo the sentiments from members of the media about him being a class act.

But what about the fans of the program. While some felt it was a move in the right direction, many were vocal in that Norvell was the wrong co-offensive coordinator to get the boot.

Former players also took to Twitter and one of them was particularly critical about the coach playing favorites.

Despite Miller's accusations, it appears that it was lack of development that got Norvell shown the door in Norman.