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Is Jay Norvell Out As Oklahoma's Co-Offensive Coordinator? It Appears So!

Brett Deering/Getty Images

As the fall out from Oklahoma's disastrous 2014 season continues to take place, it appears that the first victim has been claimed on the Sooner coaching staff. Co-Offensive coordinator and receivers coach Jay Norvell apparently has either been dismissed or has left the program according to various reports.

Norvell came to Oklahoma in 2008 as the receivers coach and was promoted to co-offensive coordinator in 2010. While the ramifications of his departure are still quite uncertain it appears, for now, that he is the scapegoat for the offensive struggles.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that Norvell was the right guy to let go of but I think that his leaving means two things. First, I believe that it means that Josh Heupel will be back in 2015 as Oklahoma's offensive coordinator. I absolutely could be wrong here but I see this as a sure sign that he will be, but that he has also been put on notice. That last part won't bring much solace to fans who have grown to despise his playcalling but at least it's something.

Secondly, I believe that his departure means that DGB's departure in imminent. The guy was already a lock to get drafted before coming to Oklahoma and had established a strong relationship with Norvell during his recruitment. Now that his position coach is gone, I believe that he will be as well.