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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Kyler Murray Sticking with A&M

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Kyler Murray at the Elite 11
Kyler Murray at the Elite 11
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The recruit that almost caused two fan bases to kill each other has made a final decision. Kyler Murray tweeted out just a few minutes ago that he was sticking with A&M.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Following my heart... <a href="">#GigEm</a></p>&mdash; Kyler Murray (@TheKylerMurray) <a href="">January 30, 2015</a></blockquote>
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There were rumors upon rumors. There were visits that nearly broke twitter. He wore an orange tie. He flirted with three fanbases, but in the end its Gig'Em for Kyler Murray.

While his loss will sting for OU fans, his loss for the Longhorns is quite possibly program altering. Here are potential commits that could have ended up at Texas had Kyler decided to become a Longhorn.

5* DT Daylon Mack

5* RB Soso Jamabo (although he could still be a Horn)

4* DaMarkus Lodge

That combined with the loss of Kyler has certainly spoiled what could have been something special at Texas. Also Texas recently lost QB Zach Gentry to Michigan.

Congrats to Kyler and A&M. Hopefully MLB won't come calling.