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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / 2 WR's Set to Visit this Weekend

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Dahu Green at the Opening
Dahu Green at the Opening
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While it was always probable for both of the newest WR offers to visit this weekend, it has now been confirmed. WR AD Miller and WR Dahu Green will be in Norman this weekend.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>ICYMI: Juco WR Dominique Reed will NOT visit <a href="">#Sooners</a>...but <a href="">#OU</a> offered <a href="">@Admiller_9</a> &amp; he WILL visit this weekend</p>&mdash; Bob Przybylo (@BPrzybylo) <a href="">January 27, 2015</a></blockquote>
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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">#Sooners</a> weekend that much more interesting as <a href="">@Dahu_Green18</a> confirms he&#39;s taking <a href="">#OU</a> official visit this weekend <a href="">#OKPreps</a></p>&mdash; Bob Przybylo (@BPrzybylo) <a href="">January 29, 2015</a></blockquote>
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While both receivers check in at 6'4" they are completely different kinds of players. Miller is definitely more of a vertical threat possessing the speed to get behind the defense and burn a secondary deep. He will need to learn to use his body better and not get knocked off routes. That being said he has all the potential in the world and would fit in nicely in Lincoln Riley's new offense.

Dahu on the other hand is your prototypical possession WR who possess unbelievable body control and attack the ball while in the air. He would be the kind of receiver that would be the go to guy with a fade in the endzone. He also has a great set of hands.

I also believe that both of these players will be a part of the class of 2015. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if both commit during their official visits this weekend.

Another thing to note, I can't help but wonder if the Sooners are not content with their taller WRs already on campus. It wasn't long ago that Dallis Todd, Jeff Mead, and Mark Andrews were all apart of a recruiting class. In Andrews case, he will be moved to a Flex TE position, but this might be a situation where the light bulb hasn't yet come on for Todd and Mead.

Assuming that both Miller and Green commit to the Sooners, that would make four WRs in the class of 2015. They would join John Humphrrey and Dede Westbrook.