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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Signing Day Storylines: How Many More Commits?

Pat Allen
Pat Allen
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The Sooners class currently sits at 19 or 20 (depending on the status of Jenks DL Marquise Overton). As of today (and that will most likely change) the Sooners are still in on the following prospects.

1. OL Josh Wariboko

2. OL Pat Allen

3. OL Maea Teuhema

4. WR AD Miller

5. WR Dahu Green

6. LB John Houston

7. LB Arthur McGinnis

8. DL Darrion Daniels

9. DL Du'Vonta Lampkin

The Sooners could (and most likely would) accept a commitment from each of the players listed above. That would put them at 28 (assuming Overton is out) and be the best close to a class that the Sooners have ever had. This is not based in reality however. Right now the Sooners would be a long-shot for John Houston and Maea Teuhema. They have a puncher's chance with Pat Allen (but again it's very unlikely).

Further, I believe that in the end, the grade situation with Overton will get worked out (he needs to raise his ACT score) and he will be a part of the Sooners class. However, a wrench could be thrown into the Overton plans if Texas commit Du'Vonta Lampkin flips to the Sooners. The Sooners might not take both prospects.

Some of the earlier estimates had the Sooners taking 27-28 players, but based on the past few misses, that number appears to be all but out of reach. I would place the total somewhere closer to 25-26 if the right players fall to the Sooners.  It also wouldn't be surprising to see another name pop up over the next few days. So the Sooners could end up adding an additional 5-6 (and depending on Overton/Lampkin situation, 7) prospects. Who are they?

1. OL Josh Wariboko

I believe he takes a visit to OU this weekend and signs his LOI for the Sooners next Wednesday

2. DL Darrion Daniels

The big Dallas defensive lineman decides on Friday. This is a TTech, OkState, Iowa, and Sooner battle. He is also teammates with WR AD Miller. I would bet on the Sooners getting some good news on Friday.

3. WR AD Miller

The talented WR visits the Sooners this weekend. I bet he leaves Norman a commit.

4. WR Dahu Green

The Westmoore product picked up a Sooner offer on Tuesday afternoon. It wouldn't shock me to see him in Norman this weekend and a commitment soon thereafter.

5. LB Arthur McGinnis

He finally visits Norman this weekend. It's always a good thing to get a visit from a prospects. It's even better to get the last visit. McGinnis will decide on National Signing Day and I am banking on the Sooners.

6. Du'Vonta Lampkin

Will he stay with Texas or flip to the Sooners? His recruitment in a roller coaster and your guess is as good as mine. That being said, if he wants to be a Sooner, they will definitely take him.

7. Another Prospect

I would hope that another Linebacker turns up this weekend and ends up visiting.

The total number of commits could be as low as 24 and as much as 27. I will split the difference and say 25-26.