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Top Sooner Football Defensive Plays Of The Year | #8 Jordan Phillips Sack And Dance

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Phillips may have never reached his full potential at OU, because of a lingering back injury, but in his three seasons of play he showed enough talent to move on a year early to the NFL. With a 6-6/334 frame, Phillips was a destructive force right smack in the middle of Oklahoma's defensive line. He was often the guy who was forced to take on double-team blockers and yet his still managed to make plays like this one.

Tennessee had already converted a third down on this drive when Justin Worley hit Josh Malone for a 10-yard gain that moved the ball to near mid-field. Phillips helped to guarantee that it wouldn't happen a second time on the drive by bringing Worley down and then treated the home crowd to a little dance.

Following the Tennessee punt, Oklahoma would increase their lead to 20-7 when Keith Ford scored from 11 yards out to cap a 9-play, 81-yard drive.