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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Top Linebacker Recruit Chooses Horns Over Sooners

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This was supposed to be the day when 4 star Linebacker Anthony Wheeler committed to the Sooners. However that was not the case, as he chose the hated Texas Longhorns.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">#Sooners</a> miss out on <a href="">#Scout300</a> LB Anthony Wheeler, who picks Texas instead of <a href="">#OU</a> at UA Game.</p>&mdash; Bob Przybylo (@BPrzybylo) <a href="">January 2, 2015</a></blockquote>
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Allow me if you will to speculate on what went wrong with Anthony Wheeler's recruitment.

1. The most obvious is the poor play of the Sooners throughout the season which culminated in the the embarrassment in Orlando at the hands of the Clemson Tigers. If I were a top defensive recruit, it would be hard for me to see where I would fit in with the current state of the Sooner defense.

2. Tim Kish's Status with the Sooner football team most likely also played a major role. It's no secret that Tim Kish has become almost synonymous with curse words in and around Norman. The uncertainty concerning the position coach for Wheeler had to play a role.

3. Regardless of your position on what transpired with Frank Shannon, it's hard to separate that both players attended Skyline High School in Dallas. I can't help but think that had Frank Shannon been on the field for the Sooners this year, that Anthony Wheeler would be a part of this class. It has been well documented that Wheeler and Shannon know each other pretty well.

In the end, it's not the end of the world in regards to the class of 2015, but the Sooners will now most likely have to offer additional players in order to fill the needed quota for the class of 2015. Look for the Sooners to take a hard look at some lesser known prospects between now and National Signing Day.