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GIF: Two Plays That Sum Up The First College Football Playoff Semifinals

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The long awaited College Football Playoff became a reality on January 1st. With people across the nation tuning in to witness the outcome of each game, none could fathom how the evening would play out. Here are two GIFs that sum up the first College Playoff Semifinal better than words can.

Scores of people witness the unraveling of the Florida St. Seminoles on national television as most of those people found themselves rooting for Jameis Winston to fail. After the Noles moved into enemy territory, things stalled out with the unimaginable taking place. Knowing they needed to have a touchdown, Winston scrambles on 4th and 5 after being flushed from the pocket. Needless to say, the Heisman winning quarterback slips, falls, and fumbles as the Ducks race to the endzone extending their lead and all but putting the game to bed.

Oregon went on to win the game 59-20 in a blowout of epic proportions securing their spot in the National Championship game.

Over the course of several years now, the media has talked up the SEC as not only the best conference in football but also the best defensive units in the nation. Looking for evidence, then look no further than the #1 ranking the Alabama Crimson Tide received after winning the conference championship as an unbeaten Power 5 team trended downward. Regardless, the media failed to mention that one of the so called "best defensive units" couldn't cover a pass of 20+ yards. On the other hand, the Ohio St. Buckeyes took notice and exploited the weakness. Not only was Cardale Jones, a 3rd string quarterback, able to complete long passes against the Tide's defense, but wide receiver Evan Spencer proved he could do it too! The single play all but changed the course of the game and the rest is history.

Ohio St. went on to win the game 42-35 putting an end to the TCU comparisons and securing their spot in the national championship game.