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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Dead Period Ends with a Bang

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Arthur McGinnis at the Opening
Arthur McGinnis at the Opening
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The Sooner coaches hit the road early and often today. New offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley let the world know via twitter that he and Cale Gundy were hitting the road early this morning.

Lincoln and Cale ended up visiting the following prospects

Dominique Reed

Van Jefferson

They also hit the D/FW area hard and even quite possibly checked in on superstar WR DaMarkus Lodge.

The number on the plane allowed us to track the plane. As of the writing of this article, they were still in the D/FW area.


Jerry Montgomery began the day on a flight bound for Mississippi and checked in on recent DL commit Gabriel Campbell. If you had any question about Montgomery's whereabouts he let us know of the visit on twitter.

We were able to trace Montgomery's plane which departed Mississippi and headed to the D/FW area as well. The plan appears to be visits to DL Darrion Daniels and DB Antoine Stephens. Some are even saying Bob Stoops is even with Montgomery.


The most interesting recruiting adventure of the day was by Tim Kish. Many considered that he would be out of a job (and still could be), but from the sound of it was in the New Orleans area recruiting Arthur McGinnis


The day is not over yet, expect more news regarding visits later this evening. The dead period has officially ended and recruiting will now take center stage over the next few weeks leading up to National Signing Day.