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Oklahoma Sooners Coaching Search | Should We Cross Toledo's Jason Candle Off The Potential WR Coaching List?

Jason Candle initially came up as an offensive coordinator candidate but would provide a nice compliment to new hire Lincoln Riley.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This week quickly turned into a whirlwind of sorts as East Carolina's formers offensive coordinator, Lincoln Riley, received an offer to become the next coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Oklahoma. On the heels of the program's decision to bring on new blood, long time coach and renowned recruiter, Bobby Jack Wright retired from the game opening up yet another spot on this Oklahoma Sooners' coaching staff. As the search rages on, most (including all of us at CCM) are focused on the offensive side of the ball with sights set on Toledo's Jason Candle.

It's easy to grasp why fans and media a like are entertained by the idea. Candle has a fantastic story that tells the tale of the type of recruiter the guy has become. As the story goes, "Mount Union's Larry Kehres gave [the] 23-year old assistant coach a school credit card and sent him to Florida with one directive -- bring back some recruits." The youngster did so well that Kehres claimed "it was almost like he was picking strawberries" according to the Toledo Blade.

Working hard at recruiting paid dividends as Candle landed players like NFL caliber receiver Pierre Garcon while top programs across the country passed on the opportunity. Rivals as well as Scout touted the coach as the MAC Recruiter of the Year in both 2011 and 2012. Make no mistake, the dude not only recruits well but can coach at a high level as well.

Rumors swirled on's message boards saying Candle hopped a flight to Oklahoma City to secure an interview with the Sooners' coaching staff this past Thursday. However, Nick Piotrowicz shot down the rumors while bringing a bit of bad news directly from the mouth of Toledo's Head Coach, Matt Campbell...

Does that mean we should cross Jason Candle off the list of replacements for former Oklahoma co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach Jay Norvell?