Oklahoma & Lincoln Riley | I WAS WRONG

Every now and then we come to a point when we realize we were wrong. From there, two responses acknowledge the mistake or to attempt to sweep it under the rug. This is my acknowledgement and admission that I WAS WRONG.

Dean Blevins ran with his sources yesterday claiming Oklahoma would would announce Lincoln Riley as the new offensive coordinator. However, I refused to believe the "source" as I allowed Blevins reputation and reliability (or lack there of) to precede the story even as I read it for the first time.

Fast forward less than 24 hours later and I must give Blevins credit. He clearly has sources far better than that of those I used to base my knowledge of the situation off of. While I never dismissed the idea of Riley as a candidate, I did run with a title misleading many to believe the potential of him being hired was nonexistent.

Lesson be learned, I recognize my actions as undisciplined and commit to striving for greatness from this point forward. Props to you Mr. Blevins for scooping the rest of the world!

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