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Oklahoma Sooners Football / Lincoln Riley Hired As OC

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

There have been rumors upon rumors over the last 24 hours, but they have now been put to rest as Lincoln Riley will be hired as the Offensive Coordinator for the Oklahoma Sooners. Details still remain to be worked out, but multiple places are confirming the hire.

Lincoln Riley has turned down previous job offers to be OC at both Kentucky and Notre Dame. Longhorn fans were practically begging for him to be hired by Charlie Strong.

There are several big questions yet to answered for the Sooners with the hire of Riley.

1) Who will be hired as the Co-OC and WR coach?

If I were hiring, I would look no further than the current OC for Toledo Jason Candle. The Sooners will need to pair Riley with another elite coach who can recruit. Jason Candle clearly fits that bill.

2) What type of offense will Riley run at OU?

Running back is easily the Sooners most talented and deep position. The offenses that are usually ran with "air raid" coaches don't prominently feature the running back. Riley however has shown that he will run, but the question remains will the Big 12 defenses now sleep easier knowing that Perine is not as big of a part of the Sooner offense.

3) Who will be the starting QB?

This is huge, an offense that throws the ball around needs a QB that completes passes and doesn't turn the ball over. Not sure the Sooners have this player currently on their roster. QB development will be imperative.

If you are wondering what the Sooner offense will look like, Riley is from the same coaching tree and philosophy that has produced coaches such as Meachum, Briles, and Holgerson.

Here is a link to Lincoln Riley's bio from ECU