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Butch Jones | Sterling Shepard Is A "Complete Football Player"

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones joined the list of coaches this season to praise the Sooners the week before they square off. Jones agreed that Oklahoma deserves their #4 ranking but did issue a warning about the Belldozer formation.

"We'll look at it," Jones said. "Obviously, the quarterback is playing tight end now that was involved in that package. But we always know that it's in their arsenal, and we'll be ready for it."

The other side of Knight's success is Sterling Shepard who has been Oklahoma's top receiver through the first two games of the season. Jones described Shepard as a, "complete football player."

"Speed, elusiveness, can go up and high point the ball, play the ball in the air, can make people miss, complete wide out. He's not just a deep ball individual. They can throw him a five yard hitch and a five yard hitch turns into a fifty-five yard touchdown. He can do it all. I've been very impressed, blocks on the perimeter, complete football player." - Butch Jones on Sterling Shepard

It's the task of limiting Trevor Knight that has Butch Jones saying will the challenge of the Tennessee defense. ""It is going to be a challenge limiting his success because Trevor does so much for their football team," Jones said. "Not only managing the game but making good decisions with the football. He is extremely athletic. He had a couple running touchdowns, he can make people miss in space and he can throw the football and they like to push the football down the field. They like to throw perimeter screens and get you running."

To get to Knight the Vols will have to get through what is apparently an NFL sized offensive line.

"Very imposing offensive line, I have been told it will be one of the largest lines in the National Football League, they are big, they are well-coached. Bill Bedenbaugh is a very good friend of mine, their offensive line coach, worked with him way back in the day at Central Michigan. I have a lot of respect for him and what he does. Just an overall respect for their program. You can see where these players are the byproduct of being in that football program for a number of years." - Butch Jones on Oklahoma's offensive line

It isn't just the offensive line though, Jones sees a lot in Oklahoma's defensive line as well. "They play low, play with a flat back," he said. "They use their hands exceptionally well. Their size is astonishing, but they run. They have a mentality and they're a veteran group. I read it off, redshirt seniors and juniors. You know, guys that have played. They're very very very talented. This is a top level football team and a top level football program and very well coached."