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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | A Canadian Sooner?

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Neville Gallimore 6'3" 300 lbs. is an elite defensive lineman who plays his high school football in a unique place. That place is north of the border in St. Catherine's, Ontario. Playing football in an obscure location hasn't stopped Gallimore from picking up offers from elite programs. The 4 Star recruit according to has offers from programs such as Florida, FSU, tOSU, Penn St., UCLA, Oregon along with the Sooners. Neville let the world know via twitter about his upcoming official visit as the Sooners take on the Volunteers.

Neville would fit in well in as a defensive end in the Sooners 3-4 defense. OU has the ability to sell him not only on his role in their defense, but they were also one of his first offers. That just goes to show how hard Jerry Montgomery is working to find the next elite defensive lineman for the Sooners.

The Sooners find themselves in a fight with tOSU, FSU, and Oregon for Gallimore's commit, but a great visit this weekend could firmly cement the Sooners in the driver seat.

Neville's athleticism is off the charts for a player of his size and this video clip makes that clear.

Neville Gallimore 6'3 280 DE C/O 2015 (via LionBear6)